The Gate

by Jean Desmarais

What do you think of when you see a gate? It could mean many things, such as to keep something in or to keep something out.

Take a look around you and see where you find gates. You may be surprised.

A gate to somewhere

A gate to somewhere?

Gates in Use

What is your definition of a gate? To me, it’s a movable structure controlling passage through an opening in a fence or a wall. It’s an entrance through a wall as a means to get to something. For some, to say ‘The Gate’ could also mean the total sum of money that is taken in for an event, such as a sporting event.

Do you remember seeing the old gates that had the weights attached that helped to make the gates close? Each time you used it, you had to make sure you closed and latched the gate in order to keep the chickens and such out of your yard.

Think back to how many types of old or new gates you can remember seeing. Each gate was there for the same reason—to keep something in or to keep something out, whatever the case. We all probably have been through some gates that we should not have gone through.

Gates on a Farm

The fences on a farm usually are used as the dividing line between properties. Often, they are necessary in order for a farmer to get to all the necessary areas of the divided land. If there are cattle or other animals on part of the land, it is imperative the farmer keeps the animals in their proper place. When animals need to be moved to a new pasture, a gate is used to help guide the animals through the fence. Yet, a farmer needs to know where each gate is located on the farm. If you have ever been caught in a field with a bull, you most definitely needed to know where the gate was, especially if you couldn’t jump the fence.

A gate on a farm.

A gate on a farm.

I remember hearing my father and sister laughing about going through the fields from school and running into an old goat. The goat ran after them. My father grabbed hold of the goat’s horns. He had to back all the way home through the fields. I think that either my father or my aunt hit the goat with something to distract him until they could jump the split rail fence, as there was no gate. For years, I heard them laugh about this many times.

Gates on Greeting Cards

Have you ever looked at greeting cards that show a gate surrounded with flowers and a path leading away? Did it give you a happy feeling? It should. It does to me.

Gate with flowers

Gate wrapped in a garden of beautiful flowers.

The gate signifies going somewhere and that certain things will be different, but the decision whether to go through the gate to a different situation may be difficult to make. It is a milestone. Will it be for the good or otherwise? The gate is important and you need to know the way to go. We all have these crossroads in life. We hope that we will go the right way.

I hope you enjoyed my blog about gates, and that you will look at gates with a different thought when you pass through them in the future.

Jean Desmarais


Thank you again, Jean, for another delightful post!

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4 thoughts on “The Gate

  1. Jean, I loved this, it really made me think and ponder on a few things. Along with remembering the past and linking to the future through the gates, you are right, they can remind us of happy times. Keep writing!

    • Thanks Bonita for your gracious comment! Jean did a fabulous job. We’re so very proud of her. She is a wonderful writer. We miss having you at our meetings. We hope you’ll be able to return real soon. Hugs!

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