Demons of Laziness


Just a quick post to let you know that more guest blogger posts are in the works.

I’ve been writing and revising my next book, “The Fire Within.”

The Fire Within - Book Cover

Coming Summer 2014

The heat of the summer has taken its toll on my poor vegetable garden and me. These cool mornings lull my body into thinking it can’t move. My mind listens. I don’t want to change out of my PJs. I want to lounge around, read, and write.

Never fear! I will rise up and conquer those demons of laziness.

In the coming weeks, guest bloggers Jean Desmarais and Geanna Sowers will share their stories with you. And, with a little prodding, so will other members of the Writing Writers Group!

Until then, read and enjoy, leave a comment, sign-up for a subscription, but most importantly, come back and visit us again!



2 thoughts on “Demons of Laziness

    • Hey Paul,

      Sadly, yes. Too many times it seems lately. Yet, missing a deadline has not stopped my writing. Strangely, it has helped me to figure out what is important.

      I’m reminding myself the importance of journaling and writing to work through these moments of doubt and fear to help me find myself and my creativity.

      Does anyone else have demons that plaque you and your writing?

Please let me know what you think, as it will inspire me to write!