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Here you can read blog posts about Pam’s journey on her quest to find the “road to writing success.” There will be tidbits and links to authors Pam has read, followed, and learned their methods of writing the great novel. Some have become friends, while along the way, others will share their thoughts, ideas, and thinking about the writing life!

If you want to connect directly with Pam, visit her website http://pambnewberry.com to learn about her books, her current writing projects, and to talk with her about her hobbies — gardening, knitting, fishing of all sorts (including fly fishing), and dabbling in making stained glass projects.

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Latest update:

Pam recently released Book One of her new speculative fiction series — The Chronicles of Eldershire. Book One, The Owl, the Sword, and the Efil Stone is now available on Amazon in eBook and print formats.

The Marine Letsco Trilogy, Pam’s debut thriller-romance series is now available. Visit Pam’s website at http://pambnewberry.com for the latest details or go right to Amazon to buy a copy.

Pam is currently working on Book Two with a working title of DarkShadow.


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